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Interactive story where you decide the characters' destinies


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Episode: Choose Your Story is a story adventure where you can create your own student who has recently arrived to a new high school. In this new school you interact with lots of different characters, including the main characters from the movie Mean Girls.

The first thing to do is create your avatar, giving her a name and creating her look. You can choose from different hairstyles, face shapes, noses, lips, eyes, etc. You can also use different types of clothing.

Once you have your protagonist, it's time to begin the adventure. Your aim in Episode: Choose Your Story is to simply star in the story in whichever way you want. That's to say, there are no key moments when you can win or lose: you just change the story according to your decisions.

Depending on the decisions you make throughout the different chapters, you can make this or that friend or fall in love with this person or the other. You can also unlock certain mysteries and even get new clothes for your character.

Episode: Choose Your Story is an story adventure with extraordinary production values. It has very pretty graphics, a huge amount of dialogue, and lots of situations where you can make your own decisions.